Master the Art of Blood Draw:

Delve deep into the world of phlebotomy with a curriculum covering:

  • Human Anatomy and Physiology: Understand the intricate workings of the blood system and related diseases.
  • Venipuncture Techniques: Master the skills for safe and efficient blood collection from diverse patients.
  • Sample Handling and Processing: Learn proper handling, labeling, and transportation of blood samples to ensure accurate results.
  • Patient Care and Communication: Develop compassionate communication skills and prioritize patient comfort and safety throughout the process.
  • Safety and Asepsis: Understand and implement strict infection control protocols to protect both patients and healthcare professionals.

Go Beyond Theory, Gain Real-World Expertise:

Our program transcends textbook knowledge, offering invaluable hands-on experience through:

  • State-of-the-art Simulated Labs: Practice venipuncture techniques and procedures on realistic phlebotomy simulators before entering clinical settings.
  • Supervised Clinical Placements: Gain practical experience under the guidance of experienced phlebotomists in diverse healthcare environments.
  • Expert Guest Lectures: Learn from industry leaders and healthcare professionals about cutting-edge practices and developments in phlebotomy.

Unlock a World of Opportunities:

Upon successful completion, you’ll receive the Level 3 Award in Phlebotomy (City & Guilds/Pearson Edexcel 6199) or the OCN Level 3 Certificate in Phlebotomy, opening doors to a variety of exciting possibilities:

  • Become a Qualified Phlebotomist: Work in hospitals, clinics, GP surgeries, blood banks, and research labs, contributing to vital medical procedures.
  • Command Competitive Salaries: Skilled phlebotomists are in high demand, commanding attractive salaries and excellent benefits.
  • Advance Your Career: Pursue further qualifications and specialize in areas like pediatric phlebotomy or mobile blood collection.
  • Make a Lasting Impact: Play a crucial role in supporting patient care and contributing to accurate diagnoses through skillful blood collection.

Why Choose London for Your Phlebotomy Journey?

London, a renowned healthcare hub, offers unparalleled opportunities for aspiring phlebotomists. From world-class hospitals and research institutions to diverse community clinics and labs, you’ll gain exposure to a variety of settings and work with a wide range of patients.

Take the First Step:

Contact us today to learn more about the Level 3 Phlebotomy Training Course (OCN London) and embark on your journey towards a rewarding and impactful career in healthcare!