Seminar in London july 2022

Wealth Creation Seminar
& Workshop 2022


15 – 22 July 2022
London, United Kingdom

Wealth Creation

Personal Development

Leadership Skills

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Your Personal Development Seminar

Presidency London College Seminars are personal development seminars. Each seminar guides you on an insightful journey of self-discovery. There are unique one-to-one exercises and group activities. How you do these exercises reflects and reveals your real-life experience.

The sequence of ingeniously-put-together exercises and scenarios enables you to discover insights into your limiting beliefs and patterns. Some participants share their challenges, learnings, and insights, which others find valuable.

What you’ll gain depends on your personal development journey, but often includes:

  • Enhanced interpersonal skills.
  • Life-changing secrets to authentic communication.
  • True collaboration; and
  • How to achieve goals through setting clear intentions.

How Presidency London College works

Presidency London College offers gentle yet powerful personal development. You’ll resolve internal battles, for instance, why do I:

  • Intend to do one thing, yet often do another?
  • Aspire to behave differently, yet remain bound by old habits?

Our unconscious intentions are often stronger than our conscious ones. Hence unconscious intentions often win this tug of war. You’ll shine a light on your hidden programmes. They’ll never have the same hold on you again.

    Presidency London College works on many levels

    You’ll fully live our experiential process. Our dynamic approach engages your mind’s emotional and cognitive parts.

    You’ll gain new habits and thinking to align your unconscious and conscious intentions, which:

    • Click into place, AND
    • Stick in place.

    The process continues after you leave the workshop and test-drive the new you in your exciting new life.

      The Presidency London College
      personal development path

      Presidency London College offers a series of 4 personal development seminars, from Insight 1 to Insight 4.

      Some participants say Presidency London College 1 contains “everything”. Other participants enjoy exploring similar topics from different angles, in Presidency London College’s 2, 3, and 4 seminars.

      The Presidency London College’s Seminar is fun and full-on course. You’ll have lots of astonishing ‘ah-ha’ moments and:

      • Build your confidence and resilience
      • Communicate with more impact
      • Manage your relationships with greater ease
      • Start your journey toward heart centred leadership