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My Success Story

Why did you choose to study Digital Marketing with Presidency London College?
I have always enjoyed communications, digital marketing and everything technology and innovations related. Digital Marketing is important to any successful business. I wanted to enhance my qualifications and understanding in the sector as it is a rising industry that will remain popular in the next few years.

Presidency London College was recommended to me by my employer. The college continuously supported me throughout the course. The staff are very friendly and provided additional resources when needed. I enjoyed the learning experience with Presidency London College.

Since completing the course in Presidency London College, how has your career progressed?
After finishing the course, I believe I can make informed recommendations and decisions when managing digital campaigns. In addition, it has allowed me to implement campaigns more efficiently with confidence. Currently, I’ve been promoted as Digital Marketing and Recruitment Officer at Cathay Investments.

Is there any advice you would give to new or future students at Presidency London College?
The industry is rapidly changing and incredibly experience oriented. My advice to students would be to make sure you gain as much real-life experience as possible and try to run some campaigns and use many tools as possible. Be organised and ensure you start early!

Shravan Rajeevan MBCS RITTech

Junior Digital Marketer, Cathey Investments

My Success Story

I recently attended a 2-day Phlebotomy Course at Presidency College in October 2020. The course was organized by Nina, who was very helpful and supportive regarding all the documents that were needed for the phlebotomy course.

And I would just like to add that the training and support from the Nhs facilitator, Dominic, was superb. Dominic explained the theory and practical aspects of phlebotomy in an understanding and very clear manner. In addition, the course material provided by Presidential College was excellent and very helpful for the course theory and practical. Plus the test questions were very thorough and comprehensive.

I also attended a further 2-day practical course in January 2021. And again, the training was excellent, and all issues and problems were discussed and explained. And nothing was too much trouble.

Finally, I would like to give the Presidency London College a star rating of 10/10 for my phlebotomy course training.


Phlebotomy Course Training