Phlebotomy Training Courses in London – Venepuncture Certificate; NHS Programme, Level 3 Accredited Phlebotomy Training Courses in London for All Backgrounds.

Suitable for Any Background

Our carefully designed training pathway provides all the tools you need to become a competent phlebotomist – whatever your age, background or previous experience!

Nationally Accredited Level 3 Qualification

Complete our classroom course and receive a Level 3 Certificate in Introduction to Phlebotomy from the national awarding body, OCN

NHS Certificate of Competency

Be ready to work after progressing to our Live Bloods Clinic Sessions, where you can practice taking blood from real patients and work towards acheiving an NHS Certificate of Competency.

Our comprehensive teaching of essential phlebotomy theory online and classroom teaching of practical blood taking skills. Our expert trainers will lead interactive presentations covering the requisite technical and scientific background, after which you will spend a day developing practical phlebotomy skills on life-size mannequins and vein pads. Before attending the course, you will also gain access to a suite of online learning resources, including reading material, video demonstrations and interactive presentations summarising the theoretical topics covered in the classroom.

The course has no formal entry requirements, though participants must have a working level of English. On completion, you will receive a Level 3 Certificate in Introduction to Phlebotomy from the national awarding body, OCN You will also attain  to contribute to related qualifications you may be pursuing.

You will also be ready to progress to our Live Bloods Clinic Session which take place in an NHS facility and award an NHS Certificate of Competency on completion.